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I’ve been an artist/designer for as long as I can remember. I always made birthday cards for my friends and family growing up and I would spend time in my room coloring or drawing whenever I felt inspired. As an adult I designed my parents Christmas cards, friends and family’s wedding invitations I even designed a few graphic tees for my billiards team and high school basketball tournaments. My love of design has even overflowed into a fun crafting hobby (that might be slightly out of hand)! I love being creative!

I was a “tomboy” growing up. I loved sports (soccer was my jam!) & playing outside with the neighbor kids and my brother. Fashion was never on my mind, I lived in soccer shorts and t-shirts from the numerous soccer tournaments I participated in and I spent the better part of middle & high school avoiding dresses. I wasn’t much for shopping for clothes as a kid and it was even worse as a teenager. I had terrible taste and growing up just outside Reading, PA it was hard to find clothing that fit my style. The local malls carried mostly modern, on trend apparel and if I wanted something more unique it was a long trip to Philly or Lancaster (teenagers don’t have time for that). I decided to put more effort into other things in life like friends, school and sports so deciding what to wear everyday was not a priority. Fashion became less and less important to me as I got older.

Enter The College Years and living with 6 (yes you read that right) other women! Fashion was not the first thing on my mind during the day (college revolved around art classes and soccer for me) but when it came down to that night's activities it was like living on a runway! Clothes were flying everywhere and everyone was asking “Does this look good?” “Is this too much color?” “Does this shirt match this skirt?”. My head was spinning! I had never cared about what I wore before and honestly never understood why anyone would care. What these women taught me was that they weren’t dressing up because they were trying to impress anyone (well maybe sometimes that was true, lol), they were dressing up because it made them FEEL good. What you wear can be a reflection of how you feel and one thing I learned from my amazing housemates is the clothes you wear can inspire you to feel as amazing on the outside as you are on the inside. (Thanks 3Dub)

Each person had their own style which made getting dressed up for a night out even more fun, so many different choices. The girls even started recommending the types of clothes that looked best on me (it was like having my own personal stylist). As the years went on I tried my best to “fit in” with the style of my friends. They were always dressed so chic and on trend that I thought I needed to match them. It was exhausting trying to keep up! (a fashionista they are called these days) I am now in my thirties (eww did I just write that?) and have learned to develop my own personal style based on what I like and what I feel good in, which isn’t necessarily the same style of clothes as my friends. I’ve learned to be confident in my fashion choices and wear clothing that makes me feel fierce!

One item of clothing I can’t live without...T-shirts! I loved them as a kid and still love them today. They are so comfortable and you can dress them up or down depending on your mood. You can wear them alone or layer them with other items from your closet. I jumped all over the t-shirt trend and loved all the new and funny shirts that I saw at the mall. What I didn't like was now EVERYONE was wearing the same shirt. It was extremely difficult to find a shirt that was unique. It really bummed me out! So instead of sucking it up and choosing the same shirt everyone else was wearing, I decided to use my talent as a graphic designer to create my own designs!

In 2017 I decided to open up an Etsy shop of unique graphic tees that reflected my "style". I’m laid back and consider my style to be offbeat and I LOVE vintage shirts; the feel, the colors, the design. I was never considered someone who was fashion forward (again I am not a fashionista) but I do consider myself to have my own unique style, a style that I can rarely find at the local mall!

If you’re like me and are tired of wearing the same graphic tees that everyone else is wearing, then my Etsy shop is the perfect place for you to shop! Don’t be afraid to be yourself and style your tees & tanks in your own unique way, whether it's with a pair of trendy jeans (I’m loving Bell Bottoms these days), denim shorts, a flowy colorful skirt or even yoga pants, the choice is all up to you! 



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